Flow Rate Up to 8000 LPM

Overview of the robot operation

FFB-FW1-8000 is a remotely operated robot with autonomous navigation capabilities designed to assist fire-fighters during operations. Its primary function : To strengthen the safety of fire men, Assist them with dangerous, difficult and physically demanding tasks. FFB-FW1-8000 is designed and Manufactured in DUBAI, United Arab Emirates.

Important Features

Control Range

Up to 1000 Meters

Climbing Stairs

Up to 30 Degrees.


4 speeds up to 3 KM/H

Total Weight

1000 KG Carry up to 200 KG

List of some technical specifications
  • FFB-1 Robot can work indoor and outdoor
  • Flow Rate 8000 LPM
  • Total Weight 1000 KG Carry up to 200 KG
  • Climb up the stairs up to 30 Degrees*
  • 4 speeds selectable up to 3 KM/H
  • Controlled wirelessly by control station
  • Control Range up to 1000 meters
  • Full Control using Industrial Remote Control
  • 6 cameras covering 4 directions (front - back - right- left)
  • Dedicated Camera for extinguisher target direction
  • Inbound Audio Channel Enables The controller to hear sounds around the robot
  • GPS system build routing and maps for robot location and facilitate navigation
  • Digital Compass acknowledges the Operator with Robot ( Yaw - Pitch - Roll )
  • 15 Temperature sensing points for motors - Battery - electronic components - robot body - outer temperature
  • Powerful front flash lights enables the controller officers see clearly during the heavy smoke
  • Emergency Flashing Orange and Red Lights encourages the viewers to have caution
  • Siren for Audible warning that helps locate the robot in smoky or low visibility places plus warning the inhabitants with fire existing
Download full specifications of the robot FFB – FW8000