Uses High Pressured 9KG of Co2

Overview of the robot operation

FFB-1 is a remotely operated robot with emhanced navigation capabilities designed to assist fire-fighters during operations.

Important Features

CO2 is designed for Class B and C. (flammable liquid and electrical) fires only. Carbon dioxide extinguishes work by displacing oxygen, or taking away the oxygen element of the fire triangle. The carbon dioxide is also very cold as it comes out of the extinguisher, so it cools the fuel as well.
Control Range

Up to 1000 meters

Climbing stairs

Up to 30 Degrees


10 speeds up to 6 KM/H

Total Weight

40 KG Carry up to 50 KG

List of some technical specifications
  • FFB-Co2 Robot can work indoor and outdoor
  • Carry up to 50 KG
  • Climb up the stairs up to 30 Degrees
  • 10 speeds selectable up to 8 KM/H
  • Controlled wirelessly by control station
  • Control Range up to 1000 meters
  • Full Control using Touch Tablet or keyboard
  • 6 cameras covering 4 directions
  • Dedicated Camera for extinguisher target direction
  • Inbound Audio Channel Enables The controller to hear sounds around the robot
  • Safety Digital Lock for fire extinguisher Releaser
  • Laser Pointer for pointing extinguishing agent Target
  • High and Low Pressure control on extinguisher exhaust
  • Sonar system to avoid hitting the walls or collision
  • GPS system build routing and maps for robot location and facilitate navigation
  • Digital Compass acknowledges the Operator with Robot ( Yaw - Pitch - Roll )
  • 8 Temperature sensing points for motors - Battery - electronic components - robot body - outer temperature
  • Powerful front flash lights enables the controller officers see clearly during the heavy smoke
  • Emergency Flashing Orange and Red Lights encourages the viewers to have caution
  • Siren for Audible warning that helps locate the robot
  • in smoky or low visibility places plus warning the inhabitants with fire existing
Download full specifications of the robot FFB-CO2